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Bank of England And Royal Exchange by Brian Slack

The Bank of England and The Royal Exchange Acrylic on Panel  5’ x 7’ (152 x 213cm)
Mural for Managing Director’s office
Corrugated Containers Ltd. Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk

The Revelation of St. John by Brian Slack

The Revelation of St. John Scraper board  17” x 13 3/4" (43 x 36cm)
The Almighty is seated upon the throne, with the dove of the Holy Spirit encircling it. The first of the
seven angels with trumpets who brings hail and fire upon the earth and the four horsemen of the
apocolypse, Famine, Conquest, Death and War.

Murton Locals by Brian Slack

Murton LocalsOil on Panel  13" x 18 " (13 x 46cm)

Approaching Hurricane by Brian Slack

Approaching Hurricane Acrylic on Panel  36" x 55" (92 x 140cm)

Black on White by Brian Slack

Black on WhiteOil On Panel  10' x 5' (205 x 102cm)
Stanier Class 5 at Mallerstang Edge on the Settle and Carlisle Railway.

The London by Brian Slack

The Crampton Locomotive “London” 1847Scraperboard 19” x 24” (48 x 60cm)
This class of locomotive was designed by Thomas Russell Crampton for the standard gauge railway
to rival the speed and power obtained on I.K.Brunel’s broad gauge. The Cumbrian iron masters of Tulk
and Ley of Lowca near Whitehaven took up the challenge of building the engine and forging the eight
foot driving wheels, and was supplied to the L.N.W.R.

Pendragon Castle by Brian Slack

Pendragon Castle, Outhgill, Cumbria Sepia print 8” x 12” (20 x 30cm)
Home of Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur.

The Reunion Of Christ With The Father by Brian Slack

The Reunion Of Christ With The Father Oil On Panel  10' x 5' (205 x 102cm)
The most dreadful and only time that Christ and our Heavenly Father were ever seperated in all
eternity was when Christ paid the full price of our own unpayable debt of sin upon the cross.
The unknowable agony over. The great work completed. The joyous and glorious triumph of God’s
love at Christ’s Resurrection in the power of the Holy Spirit of Truth overcoming Satan and Death
for ever. The cross now falls upon them and casts them down into the firey pit, but the old deceiver
still has a claw free in his fury to tear at humanity on his way down.

St. Pauls by Brian Slack

St. Pauls Cathedral. London Oil On Panel  43' x 49' (110 x 125cm)

The Dutchman by Brian Slack

The Dutchman Oil On Panel  36' x 55' (91 x 140cm)

Jonah and The Whale by Brian Slack

Jonah and The Whale Scraper Board 19" x 24" (38 x 61cm)

Martin Rivington Holmes by Brian Slack

Martin Rivington Holmes Oil On Panel 36" x 24" (92 x 61cm)

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Print for sale of the Stanier Class 5 at Mallerstang Edge on the Settle and Carlisle Railway.


Brian Slack - Painter

Examples of fine art paintings created by the renowned artist Brian Slack; Londener but now living in the village Murton in Cumbria